Infection Prevention and Control


Project Duration

12 Months

Services Provided

Development of a program for training nurses on various cognitive dimensions relating to Infection Prevention and Control (IPC).


In earlier research by Emory University, they used live (non-harmful) viruses during a simulation of a urinary catheter insertion exercise on manakins to better understand what contributes to or prevents infection. Nurses were categorized into three groups based on their performance, and three mindsets were identified.

  1. Low performers believed that trade-offs were inevitable, and were more willing to compromise

  2. Medium performers believed they could prevent infection through good planning, and created meticulous plans

  3. High performers understood that complete control of the situation was impossible, and the best they could do was to monitor the situation closely, and to adapt when necessary

The question posed to my team at ShadowBox Training was this; how do we train the "monitor and adapt" mindset of the high performers?


We developed 12 distinct scenarios, in collaboration with SMEs, where a nurse would perform a urinary catheter insertion while making breaks in IPC protocol. These 12 scenarios will be filmed and uploaded into our ExpertEyes platform. There, trainees will watch the video and pause and click on a break as soon as they see it on screen. In this way, we are training nurses to better monitor for breaks in protocol. Trainees will be able to compare the breaks they identified to the breaks our expert panel of nurses identified. Additionally, decision points are embedded before, after, and between scenes to teach nurses certain prioritized cognitive functions identified in the earlier research. As project manager, I am directing this effort to ensure all goals are met while maintaining sufficient consistency and variation across the scenarios.

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Copyright © 2024 Jared Peterson. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2024 Jared Peterson. All rights reserved.